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Who We Are

Our goal is to educate, support and enrich the lives of youth diabetics through individual grants and scholarships while supporting the overall search for a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.  

As a Type 1 diabetic, I know how hard it is each day to live with this disease.  It is 100 times harder for young people to cope.  We at the YDFA are here to help educate everyone about diabetes.  We will reach out to the local schools to make sure that the on site nursing staff is not only familiar with the everyday trials and tribulations but is also compassionate with the student.  

The costs of the supplies that you need daily to live with diabetes is very expensive.  Even with insurance, the out of pocket expenses are outrageous.  

With our grants, we will help the underprivileged pay for some of these supplies that are needed to survive.  

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